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FirstClass Document Engine (DocEng)

what is docEng ?
docEng is Semantise's document generating software, producing formatted reports of database queries. docEng is W3C compliant and combines JAVA, database, XML and FirstClass technologies to provide a fast, flexible application that can retrieve data from SQL databases and present information in a number of formats including Portable Document Format PDF, Comma Separated Value CSV, Hypertext Markup Language HTML, Extensible Markup Language XML etc. docEng can run as a FirstClass application and thus benefits from the security, speed and "anytime-anywhere" access.

do I need to know about docEng ?
If people in your organisation require database information to be sent to them, presented in a human readable form, then you need to know about docEng. If you need to extract information from a database for analysis in other applications, then you need to know about docEng. If you want produce professional looking documents without the hassle of using PDF authoring software, then you need to know about docEng. If you are interested in harnessing JAVA, data, XML and FirstClass technologies then you need to know about docEng.

are the examples of people using docEng ?
Yes! docEng has been extensively tested and trialled in production environments. For example, UK Schools use docEng to collate and produce PDF student report documents for parents. Schools also use docEng to collate student report data for analysis.

can I configure docEng for my own requirements ?
Yes! Semantise have produced a set of Admin tools which will allow you to get started quickly.  Simple database queries will allow you to produce documents with ready made templates which can be customised to your own requirements. Semantise can provide additional bespoke XSLT templates and we offer full training and support to enable you to produce templates in-house.

A free trial version of docEng is available. Please drop us a line or give us a call and we will send you the docEng installer.