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Attendance and Behaviour

osisregister enables schools to monitor students' lesson by lesson attendance and analyse indivduals, class, year group and whole school attendance.

"It's official we set a new record for attendance last year at 93.3%.
This is due in no small part to all your support and hard work in getting and keeping the registration system going.

A big thank you for your contribution. More than this we are also setting a new record for this time of year as we are currently running at 96% attendance!

Again this is due to a lot of hard work by many people - yet the SAB report is really helping to keep people on the ball, as well as the parent view of the attendance. So again thank you for your perserverance in getting this working.

Keeping a child attending school make a difference to their chances in life - and that is what we are all trying to do ... make a difference"
Deputy Head, Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School

OSIS holds any and every piece of information about each student's academic work from intake to leaving: every class and class-teacher in every subject in every school year, with all assesment grades and test scores.  SATs, CATs, FFT, GCSE, A/S and A level as well as all grades and targets allocated in the school's reporting system.

In addition data from registration daily or in every lesson, and positive and negative data about behaviour.  Most importantly the school decides what to include and how it should be compared and analysed.

As a result schools using OSIS have access to a simple and flexible means of understanding how progress has been achieved and can be improved at all levels: individual student, subject, yeargroup, even intake school.